Wednesday 3 April 2019

I'm leading a workshop on writing science fiction at the end of this month. Check out this link for more information and details of how to book a place.  I don't think the photograph is very flattering though!

For anybody who's come here via the link from Oldham Library - hello. While I mostly write crime and thriller fiction these days, I started out my writing career in the sf and fantasy genre and I've published a lot of short fiction, and a fantasy novel. If you want to check some of it out, have a look at my short story collection Maniac & Other Stories. You can probably even read a couple for free as part of the 10% sample online or on your ereader, so it won't even cost you anything ... If you've signed up for the workshop, feel free to email me at the address in the panel on the right and I'll send you an advance link to a page of resources that I plan to make available after the workshop.