Fantasy Novels

Edge Of Dreams 
What do you do when you realise that the bad guys might care more about you than the good ones? 

Ricky’s on the edge of a life of crime. Skipping college to steal cars in the aftermath of his father’s death in action, it’s not surprising that his dreams are vivid and seem almost real. 

Calith’s just on the edge of a life. Snatched from Ricky’s world to another place altogether, Calith’s found out that when you’ve grown up with the enemy, it’s hard to make friends. 

Then Ricky dreams of Calith and nobody seems more real than the boy from another world, with his multi-coloured hair and temper to match. But are Calith’s motivations all they seem? Ricky’s not sure. Calith’s dark past is coming back to haunt him big time, and when you’re jumping worlds to escape the good guys, something must be wrong somewhere, mustn’t it? 

Young adult contemporary fantasy, certified 100% vampire-and-werewolf-free. And no wizards, elves or faeries either. Not even any zombies.  

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Rainbow's Ariel says nothing is ever quite what it seems...

When a relationship turns sour, there's more at stake than just pride, as worlds may start falling apart … 

Calith and Louise’s relationship was never destined to last. After all - she was only sixteen and he came from another world. But even Ricky didn't suspect what would happen when they went their separate ways, or that his sister would be quite so indiscreet in the pub one evening.

So when Calith goes missing, Louise is the only one with the key to his whereabouts. Ricky is forced to call on old promises to help him search, but old promises come with new prices. And now other people know about them and they’re running out of time before their secret is out for good. 

Young adult contemporary fantasy, continuing Calith, Ricky & Louise's story from Edge of Dreams. But still no vampires or zombies.

Blood Ties
Traditional fantasy. What holds a city together - shared history or a mixed gene pool? When an entire race is fighting for survival, it may be the enemy within that can do the most damage.

** In progress!