Monday 19 May 2008

Authonomy Again

Spent most of the last week on this Authonomy site (see earlier post). I just hope that HarperCollins and other publishers actually sift through some of the stuff on this site, because it's fab! There are novels on here that would fly off the bookshelves if published, so why is it so hard for a new author to get noticed these days. Is it really all about marketing? Two authors stand out so far for me - Anne Brooke and Ian Barker. Both very different, both excellent.

Getting some good reviews for my own stuff too, which is encouraging. Is there anybody out there listening?


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, look! My name in print - at last! At last!! Thanks, Debbie - I have to say, as I've done before, that your stuff is shit-hot so I could say all the same about you. Is anyone out there hearing us?!?




Jane Smith said...

I've just discovered the Authonomy forum. AT last, a writers' forum which is UK-based and free and, so far, seems to be populated by writers who have more than a basic understanding of how to write. I have great hopes for it. Fingers crossed.