Friday 14 May 2010

Crime Pays

Or it should do. Especially if you're writing it. Having failed quite spectacularly so far in selling my psychological thriller/crime novel, I've decided I need to be "marketable". So, given that I'm not about to murder anyone (not yet, anyway ...), what else can I do?

Short stories? I don't write many of them. I find them much harder to write than novels - how to produce something compact and satisfying in such a small number of words? But every now and again the mood takes me and I wrote three in the early part of this year, which are doing the rounds of various competitions and women's magazines. Maybe when I've won some competitions or have some more short publications to my credit, I'll tick a few more boxes on the right lists for marketability?

I've also contributed some content to a new website associated with the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival. It seemed like a good idea as I've entered their short story competition too! Maybe if I can expose myself in as many places as possible (without getting arrested), I might then be classed as marketable? Then again, perhaps I should just get arrested.

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