Friday 24 June 2011

How to Win Customers ...

I was catching up on some guest blogs today and started another one. The title was going to be along the lines of How to Win Friends and Influence People, so I opened up Word and typed How to Win Customers.

The phone rang, or someone came to the door - I forget which. Distraction set in, quickly followed by procrastination and a dose of apathy. 

I came back to the pc much later after teenage daughter had got home and found my one line had expanded to:

How to win customers
  • Win them in a raffle
  • Bid for them in an auction
  • Win them in a tombola
  • guess the name of the customer and you win them
  • Pay £1 and go on Hook a Duck, you might win one of the customers hanging up on the side.
Need I go on?

So that pretty much sums it up then, really. Blog done!

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