Friday 25 January 2013

Paperbacks & Planning Applications

So Hamelin's Child is now available as a paperback via amazon (all sites - just replace the with .whatever in the url). Costs a bit more than the ebook, but that's down to the printing process; physical paper and book-binding costs money unfortunately and then there's the postage. But it does look good and I'm very pleased with the result.

And Paying the Piper is (finally) on a last read-through on my kindle. I think I've dealt with all the feedback from my wonderful beta-readers (Marj & Laura - you are so much appreciated!). So if I can put aside real life at some point, I will try to get it uploaded shortly. As I've said before, if you haven't already, then do let me know if you want me to email you when it's available.

Real life? I'm currently embroiled with our local action group Moulton Matters, trying to oppose a planning application to build almost 150 houses on the edge of our lovely small Cheshire village on two fields that are used by dog-walkers and nature-lovers. Feel free to add your voice at the Cheshire West & Chester's website if you'd like to object to dumping a huge housing estate onto an infrastructure that is already creaking (primary school is full with a waiting list, narrow roads often gridlocked at peak times, Victorian drainage system full-to-literally-bursting, no jobs nearby, one small village shop with no car park). There are plenty of brownfield sites nearby perfect for re-development - but they make less profit, so they'd rather grab our greenbelt instead. Feel free to support us - you don't have to live here.


SM Johnson said...

Please email me when Paying the Piper is available! Devante9901 at aol dot com.

Thanks heaps!

Debbie Bennett said...

Will do. Thank you!