Wednesday 3 July 2013

Review Time

I don't make a habit of cross-posting from facebook - but just have to make an exception here with a message from the lovely (and talented) Kate Hanney....

Well, Debbie, I've just finished Hamelin's Child and I'm shell-shocked! My emotions are raw, you've pulled and pushed them all over the place over the last few days, and I now need to some time to recover! Really, I absolutely loved it - it's upset me, it's even given me nightmares, but it's just brilliant. You must be so proud; having such an effect on your reader is no mean feat, and you've done it so skilfully. I've left a review on Amazon, and also downloaded Paying the Piper ... but I might need to let my emotions settle for a day or two before I brace myself and start reading it. x x 

There are days when I love this writing lark!

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SM Johnson said...

Isn't it lovely? I felt that way about Hamelin's Child, too (smile).