Wednesday 28 August 2013

Cover Reveal!

So here's the new cover for Calling The Tune. I think it fits rather well with the other two, doesn't it?

It's finished. Wrapped up earlier this week in a flurry of action. I wasn't quite anticipating where we ended up, but you can never tell with these things. I do most of my editing as I go along, so it's now gone out to a trusted reader, who I'm confident will tell me exactly what is and isn't working and what I need to rewrite and/or change. And then I'll be onto final edits.

And so the journey is over. I've lived with Michael for so many years that I'm sad to say goodbye to him now, but I really do have to leave him alone to get on with his life. We've met sister Kate, partner-in-crime Amanda and in Calling The Tune we also get to know trainee reporter Becky. And then there's bad-boy Lenny who makes another appearance ...

Hopefully the finished product will be available this side of Christmas in ebook and paperback. There are a couple of advance review copies up for grabs for anybody who doesn't mind finding the last of the typos, and who can provide me with a quote I can use on the paperback. You'd also need to agree to post a review on amazon within a few days of it being available, so the quote is verifiable. Email me if you're interested, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Really like this cover. I made it tiny on my screen - my standard test for covers - and it was perfect, perfectly legible, and you lost only the previous book when it got really small.

The silhouette still worked, the colors still worked. The font still had its quirkiness. And the text doesn't get lost against the background.

I'm always learning about covers - and it's still amazing how many fail the simple test.

Debbie Bennett said...

Thank you! I always shrink it right down too, to check on the effect. But I have a great designer who manages to interpret my usually rather woolly requirements into something that works.