Monday 1 October 2018

The Undercover Soundtrack

Yes, I'm still alive.

In case you were wondering.

In reality, I've been somewhat tied up with other events these past nine months or so. We sold the house in the summer - one of the hardest things we've done and yet also one of the best. We were stagnating, marking time, not wanting to leave our beautiful custom-renovated cottage. Now we have downsized and it's not been easy, but we are through the worst of it, I think, and ready to move on. And I don't miss the view - I really don't.

We also bought a small flat in the village, which has doubled as a large storage container so far, but is another project we have on the go. Not sure what we'll do with it once it's finished - rent it, maybe? Or sell it. Or sell this house and move into it? Who knows?

In the meantime, writing has taken a backseat. But I did a writers' fair last Saturday. And of course it's FantasyCon later this month which is always good for kick-starting the creative side of my brain. And I've just agreed to do a radio slot next week, for which I need to find some appropriate music.

So in the spirit of music-for-writing, here's a link to a post I wrote years back which deserves another airing in anticipation: The Undercover Soundtrack.

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